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Brief Information

Al Ameer College of Engg & IT was established with the approval of All India Council for Technology Education(AICTE), New Delhi and the Government of Andhra Pradesh and is affiliated to JNTU, Kakinada.


We must create a civilized society – A society where everybody has equal opportunity to better his or her life,where every child has food,shelter,education and also healthcare, a society where duties come before rights where each generation makes sacrifices to make life better for the next generation.


To contribute to the concept of evolving our country from ‘A developing country’ into ‘A developed country’ by preparing our students, with comprehensive knowledge in their respective fields of engineering disciplines & with thorough understanding of their role in Nation Building as India is one of the few countries endowed with large working age population in the world.

Al-Ameer College of Engineering and IT: Homepage

Welcome to our humble institute of higher education where we aim to train young students to become pioneers in the field of science, technology, and engineering. Here at Al-Ameer College of Engineering and IT, we take excellence to a whole new level by offering only the best courses that are taught by pioneers themselves. 

We aim to foster a community of learners and achievers who strive to make the world a better place for the next batches to come. Our graduates are lauded for their values that our college instilled in them. We want to make standards of excellence open to young people across all backgrounds. 

Our facilities are equipped with high-end tools and resources for students to make use of. Our laboratories and work tables are cleaned and updated to fit the needs of our students and teachers. Lecture rooms have the essential equipment for audio and visual aid. Our staff is trained and proficient in the subjects they teach as well. 

The atmosphere of our college is safe and conducive to learning. This is why families across generations trust us with the educational upbringing of their children. We continue to assess future students for admission not only for their grades but also in conduct and values in life. 

We aim to guide our students in their journey towards success. They are provided with the essential resources and books that are always up to date with the latest editions. Our teachers are well-equipped with materials to help our students in their pursuit of knowledge. 

Our college takes pride in producing batches of young professionals who have undergone a holistic formation with us. Not only do we give degrees but we also build solid foundations in the careers of our students. 

Everyone in the campus enjoys high-speed internet and devices to help them with research and lab experiments. Our college cricket team is also our pride and joy–we want our students to have a fruitful college experience which is why we provide them with fields for sports and play. Our 40-acre campus allows us to put up the perfect facilities for the most deserving of students. 

Our college was established thanks to the generous support from AQJ Group of Institutions. They are the pioneers behind some of the leading institutions for higher education in the region. They are dedicated to giving more people access to quality education. 

If you wish to know more about our programs and facilities, please feel free to get in touch with us through our contact page. Our portal is open to entertaining any questions and concerns. Should you want to inquire about our fees, give us a call and we will attend to your request shortly. 

Tours are subject to availability and weather conditions. Please bear with us if they are not offered at your desired time and date. 

AQJ Group – Founder President

(Late) Janab Abdul Qadir Jeelani

AQJ Group of Institutions was pioneered under the Maqbool Hussain Educational Welfare Society, Mohammed Vaziruddin Educational Society and Mohammadiya Educational Society which was formed as a result of the inspiration of Janab Abdul Qadir Jeelani.AQJ Group of Institutions are being successfully administered by four zealous youngmen who are determined to provide quality Education which is highly demanding and professional especially to the minority students.