Alameer: Why you should study engineering

Engineering is one of the important jobs in the world. Find out why you should study it now here at Alameer. The reason why you should study engineering is simple: Engineering is needed… everywhere!

Even in the most undeveloped parts of the world, there are problems which need to be solved. We live in a very complicated and technologically advanced world but… unfortunately, many problems still remain unsolvable without some form of engineering expertise. Take homelessness for instance. Most people believe the homeless are simply too lazy to work and too stupid to learn anything useful so… they elect to remain poor. This view is partially correct but it is not entirely correct. Many of the “homeless” individuals you encounter on the street are in fact students who have run out of money before their classes were finished. Or who have been kicked out of their homes because their parents couldn’t pay the rent. Or who are disabled veterans (like me) who have no where else to go. The point is… Most Of The Homeless You Encounter On The Street Are NOT By Choice! They are victims of circumstances beyond their control. So, what should be done about this situation? Well, since engineering is the answer to almost every problem, shouldn’t we educate these individuals so they can lead productive lives and eventually become self-sufficient? Absolutely! But how? Well, for many of them, a simple “classroom-for-the-homeless” will do.

Second reason is simple: It pays big! In fact, a new study shows that 88% of all American millionaires made their money through some form of entrepreneurship. What does that mean? Simply put, it means they started a business or operated a business.

It also means that, if you learn how to become an entrepreneur… you will become a millionaire! An excellent example of this is the late Steve Jobs. He was not a product of school. He learned how to program computers when he was 14 years old. He dropped out of college after only 1 semester. He never worked for anyone else. He created Apple and turned it into the world’s most valuable company with a market capitalization of over 2 billion dollars!

Jobs didn’t do it alone. He had very capable people helping him. But, without a doubt… it was his vision and his incredible ability to execute on that vision that made him so successful.

The same is true of almost every other world class entrepreneur. Sir Paul of owns the largest mail order business in the U.K. He owns several radio stations and has written several best selling books. He’s wealthy, but not because of what he owns. The real reason he’s wealthy is because he’s a world class copywriter.

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