Vaziruddin Ahmad Siddiqui
Chairman of AQJ Group of Institutions

AQJ Group of Institutions was pioneered under the Maqbool Hussain Educational Welfare Society, Mohammed Vaziruddin Educational Society and Mohammadiya Educational Society which was formed as a result of the inspiration of Janab Abdul Qadir Jeelani.AQJ Group of Institutions are being successfully administered by four zealous youngmen who are determined to provide quality Education which is highly demanding and professional especially to the minority students.Janab Siddiqui, Janab Farooqui, along with their Brothers Janab Jafri and Janab Javvad are the pillars of this magnificent edifice of AQJ Group. The group aims at producing Global Managers, IT Professionals, Technocrats and Young Scientists of excellence to equip the Indian Industry with contemporary global information. The Institutions were initiated in the year 1996, and have grown expeditiously standing among the top Colleges of the State. For over a decade the Group is dedicated in providing quality education to students of the Country. AQJ Group of Institutions approved by All India Council for Technical Education and recognized by Government of Andhra Pradesh is the only Muslim Minority Educational Group in North Coastal Andhra Pradesh.The Group diversified into Management, Engineering, Life Sciences, Biotechnology and related fields and added many feathers to its cap. The courses that are offered by the Group are contemporary and meet the demand of the students as well as of the job industry.

Al-Ameer College: Department Chair and Directors

In our college, we make sure that our students are given the best possible education from esteemed teachers and leaders. Our department chairs are responsible for ensuring that all student programmes are running smoothly and successfully. 

We take pride in our years of experience and expertise in the field of education. Our course offerings are always up to date and sought after by students across the region. Whether you have chosen a specific career path prior to graduation, our department chairs are always ready to lend a hand in helping you secure your aspirations. 

At Al-Ameer College, our leaders are highly-skilled professionals who have years of experience in both education and the chosen fields they’ve pursued. They know what it takes to run a department, which is why we trust their decisions when it comes to student programmes. 

This is one of the many vital roles they play in running a college. If you wish to know more about what our department chairs and directors do, explore the list below:

Management and facilitation

One of the most important roles of a department chair or director is to facilitate the daily progress of every instructor in achieving their goals. They make sure that every student gets an equal opportunity in expanding their horizons in their studies. The chair also plans and directs the budget towards events, programmes, or new resources their respective department may need. 

Apart from offering support to the students, the chair is also responsible for overseeing the duties of every faculty member. He or she ensures that all of the instructors and staff members are given the proper training and support for their teaching and research needs. 

They are responsible for leading all parties involved in the right direction with the core values intact. The goals and needs of every department are articulated by the chair. He or she works together with the college dean to make the necessary changes or advancements in any programme if need be. 

Support and development

The department chair is responsible for relaying student and instructor feedback to the dean. They propose necessary changes or adjustments in order to meet the needs of all those involved. He or she also leads meetings together with other chairs to discuss the current framework of the college and what improvements can be made. 

When it comes to intellectual growth, the department chair is responsible for delegating specific tasks to the instructors to ensure that all students are getting the education they deserve. Overall, all faculty members and board directors play an important role in managing a college. 

We at Al-Ameer College aim to provide a safe and conducive place for learning to all students and faculty members. Wherever they are within the campus, they can be assured that our dedication to service is present.