The EEE Department was established in the year 2004 with an annual intake of 60 students.The Department has requisite number of faculty members, striving to incorporate excellence in theory and practice. The following labs equipped with latest equipment enhance learning experience of the students.

  • – DC Machines Lab
  • – Networks Lab
  • – AC Machines Lab
  • – Electrical Measurements Lab
  • – Control Systems Lab
  • – Power Electronics Lab

The ECE Department was established in the year 2001with an annual intake of 90 students, The Department has requisite number of faculty members, striving to incorporate excellence in theory and practice. During the course of 4 years duration the students study the latest subjects in the following specified areas:

  • – Advanced Digital Communications
  • – Cellular and Satellite Communications
  • – VLSI Technology
  • – Optical Communications
  • – Digital Signal Processing
  • – Digital Image Processing
  • – Microprocessors and Micro-contollers
  • – Data and omputer Communications
  • – Computer Operating Systems
  • – Management Science

The Department of Computer Science Engineering is a fast growing discipline and is full of rigorous practical analysis. Ths department has well equipped Labaratories and logical reasoning is stressed in all practical applications. With highly talented faculty, the department boasts of a unique mode of learning, one that uses advanced aids for teaching.

The Department has the following labaratories :

  • – Operating Systems Lab
  • – System Programming Lab
  • – UML Lab
  • – Multimedia Lab
  • – Computer Networks lab
  • – Language Processors Lab
  • – Database Management Systems Lab
  • – Data Structures Lab
  • – Advanced UNIX programming Lab
  • – JAVA Lab

The IT department was started in the year 2001 with an intake of sixty into B.Tech (I.T) programme. The department is well equipped with 80 latest P4 Computers connected in Wireless LAN with uninterrupted power supply.
35 computers with P4 Processors and with latest technologies are connected to the IBM Server in our Project Lab. It also has a MicroProcessor Laboratory with latest equipment and interfacing modules to conduct experiments in hardware. The students of department are encouraged to use the Digital Library and to attend seminars, paper presentations and WorkShops. The IT department has shown its great impression in results at the University examinations.

  • – Operating Systems Lab
  • – UML Lab
  • – Multimedia Application Development Lab
  • – Computer Networks lab
  • – Language Processors Lab
  • – Database Management Systems Lab
  • – Data Structures Lab
  • – Middleware Technologies Lab
  • – JAVA programming Lab

The Mechanical Engineering branch in Al-Ameer was started in the academic year 2004 with an intake of 60 students.In this evergreen branch of engineering, Workshop, Strength of Material lab, Thermal Engineering lab, Industrial engineering lab, Metrology lab, Fluid Mechanics lab, CAD/CAM Lab and Heat transfer lab were established with best facilities available.

The department is also equipped with 3 drawing halls, departmental library and seminar hall. At present the department consists highly qualified faculty members with good teaching / industrial experience.


The Department of Biotechnology started at Al-Ameer during the academic year 2004. The B.Tech Biotechnology programme which is affiliated to JNTUK approved by the AICTE to have an annual in take of 60 students.

The sanctioned intake was enhanced to 80 students with effect from the academic year 2005-06. So far four batches of students have passed out with good results and most of them are pursuing their higher studies programs in India and abroad.And the department is headed by Mrs.Vani Sharath.

NEW – The Civil Engineering branch in Al-Ameer was started in the academic year 2011 with an intake of 60 students.In this evergreen branch of engineering, Workshop labs are available.The department is also equipped with 3 drawing halls, departmental library and seminar hall.
The Department of PG Courses (MBA) was established in 2005-2006 with an annual intake of 60 students for group of MBA (Master of Business Administration). 

The department aims at providing managers, who are professionally competent, ethically conscious and socially responsible, to cater to the needs of business and society. To impact training in business management, giving scope for promising careers in Finance, HRM and Marketing based classroom lectures and industry interaction. 

The department is having English Language Lab and PG Library is separate from common engineering library. The college has a well established placement cell and it is having good relations with number of companies.

MCA First batch was started in the month of July 2004 with intake of 60 students into P.G Program.The department has marked a steady growth in terms of human recourses, Laboratories.

It has computer laboratory with 90 systems.It has a computer organization laboratory with equipment like microprocessors and bread boards to conduct experiments in hardware.It also has Data Communication Lab to conduct experiments like pc to pc communication using modem, switches and 4-line exchange using different types of topologies.


The Department of Basic sciences and Humanities was established in 2001-2002.  This department was established with a view to consolidating basics of sciences and English language. The courses have been designed to strengthen the fundamental principles to enable the students comprehend the core engineering subjects. The conceptual learning in these subjects is enhanced through practical lab sessions. As part of English language teaching, life skills are imparted enabling the students to improve their marketability and employability. The department has a well established multimedia language lab with advanced licensed software to equip the students to be effective communicators.


Mohammed Vaziruddin Educational society established in the year 1990 was founded by a group of academicians with an ideal to save the educational needs of the minorities of coastal districts of A.P. The society decided to start Al-Ameer college of Pharmacy from the academic year-2008 onwards by fulfilling the strict and stringent norms of All India Council for Technical Education, NewDelhi, which is affiliated to Andhra University, Visakhapatnam at Gudilova village, Anandapuram Mandal, Visakhapatnam District which is 20kms away from Visakhapatnam Town. This is a first Muslim Minority college in and around at Visakhapatnam and started at the year 2008 with in intake of 60 Students. Pharmacy council of  India granted course conduction approval for our institute. Our first batch students who were relieved with a good pass percentage of  90% and out of them 35students got distinction.
Kumari: S. Pavani Topper of our college achieved 9.85G.P.A Out of 10G.P.A.
                We have successfully conducted a two days national seminar “Idola  Pharma  Fest 2K-11”in FEB-2011. We have conducted Industrial Tours to our students to various companies like Aurobinda Laboratories and also to Reddy Laboratories at Srikakulam. And also we took our first batch students to South-Indian Tour.


Teaching Learning Process is centered around imparting not only technical skills in the subject but also softskills so as to enable students to achieve holistic personality. Further, state-of-the-art laboratory and infrastructure facilities effectively aid teaching learning process.M.Tech is started in college from the year 2010.Courses offered are :



Al-Ameer College of Engineering and IT: Departments

We at Al-Ameer College of Engineering and IT take pride in our established programmes designed to equip students with knowledge, skills, and abilities. For those who are new and wish to be part of our growing family, we have compiled all of our departments and the respective courses offered below. 

Our departments

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) 

This is one of our most established and esteemed departments in the whole college. Our flagship programme has produced graduates who went on to become pioneers in their craft. The programmes we offer under this department involve the use of science and technology to construct or design services and systems.

The faculty members of this department are experts in the field and are dedicated to fostering standards of excellence in their students. Our college has funded the following high-end labs that we provide:

  • Networks lab
  • Electrical measurements lab
  • Power electronics lab 
  • AC machines lab
  • DC machines lab
  • Control systems lab

Electrical and Computer Engineering

We produce engineers who take their pursuit of knowledge beyond the four walls of our college. Our ECE department is one of our flagship courses with a highly competitive admission rate. Our faculty members are esteemed and are practicing professionals in their fields. We’re always be up to date with the latest trends and use these findings in core subjects like:

  • Satellite and cellular communications
  • Advanced digital communications
  • Digital signal processing
  • Management science
  • Data and computer communications
  • Microprocessors and microcontrollers
  • Computer operating systems
  • VLSI technology
  • Digital image processing

Computer Science Engineering

Our college aims to bring new trends into our academic programmes which is why our CSE department is always on the lookout for better and more practical analysis methods. Our students under this programme are one of the best in logical reasoning. Our faculty members are hands-on and always make sure that students carry on with their skill-building. 

We have the following labs under their wing:

  • UML lab
  • Computer networks lab
  • Language processors lab
  • JAVA lab
  • Advanced UNIX programming lab
  • Database management systems lab
  • Multimedia lab
  • Operating systems lab
  • System programming lab
  • Data structures lab

Information Technology

First formed in 2001, our IT department boasts of a highly competitive admission rate for our prestigious IT programme. Our labs are equipped with P4 computers and high-speed internet. All of our students enjoy the perks of being part of one of the most esteemed courses in the region. 

Our servers and processors are always up to date and high-end. Students are taught how to conduct modules and experiments using these equipment. They are also among the top scorers in nationwide examinations. Below is a list of our labs dedicated to this field of study:

  • UML lab
  • Computer networks lab
  • Database management systems lab
  • Middleware technologies lab
  • JAVA programming lab
  • Data structures lab
  • Multimedia application development lab
  • Operating systems lab 

Mechanical Engineering

Here, our students are absorbed into an innovative branch of the field where they make use of their findings in materials, thermal, and industrial processes.Our labs are specifically designed to provide workspaces that cater to both science and engineering. 

We have 3 drawing halls, seminar rooms, and a private library where all the vital resources are held. Students have the freedom to study or work in these facilities specially created for their learning. 

The following core subjects are being taught to students:

  • Thermodynamics
  • Mechanical drawing
  • Solid mechanics
  • Engineering mechanics
  • Machine design
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Power plant engineering


A newer and more evidence-based approach to the field is our Biotechnology department. Programmes here are designed to equip students with critical thinking skills and holistic values. Our alumni are esteemed professionals and have gained admission to postgraduate studies in esteemed institutions here and abroad. 

The following core subjects are being taught to students:

  • Computer programmings
  • Genetics
  • Chemistry
  • Molecular biology
  • Bioinformatics

Civil Engineering

Another one of our latest additions, our students under this programme are trained in designing, dealing, and constructing built environments. They are given labs, worktables, and modules that help them get through their boards and score exams nationwide. 

The following core subjects are being taught to students:

  • Structural analysis
  • Material and construction technology
  • Solid mechanics
  • Geology
  • Concrete technology 
  • RCC structures
  • Planning and drawing
  • Hydrogeology


The core of liberal arts is our Humanities department. Students under this programme are trained in critical thinking, reasoning, and problem solving. The disciplines they learn here are language, literature, art, and history. Our faculty members are esteemed professionals who provide them with knowledge and wisdom from their own learnings here and abroad. 

One of the most important skills being taught to students under this programme is empathy. Most students are employed in a wide range of industries and have proven to be capable of standing out on their own. 


The Al-Ameer College of Pharmacy is an accredited programme that produces graduates who are trained to be professionals in the field of medicine and healthcare. Most students who undergo this programme pursue medical school upon graduating. They also are among the top scorers in national exams. 

A special treat we give to our students is a tour to some of the biggest corporations in the country. They get a first-hand look at how the company works and see their lab facilities. These tours also give them opportunities to expand their knowledge of the industry and gain experience prior to graduation. 

Postgraduate programmes

We currently offer two courses for graduates who are interested in pursuing further education. Learn more about them below:

Master of Business Administration 

Our MBA programme is designed to produce graduates who are experts in the fields of management, finance, and marketing. We aim to pave the way for students to have more access and opportunities to gain more knowledge and experience in the industry. 

With the wide range of companies to choose from, most are highly selective which is why we do everything we can to equip students with the best resources and materials possible. Their training under our wings will take them further than what they expected. 

We provide them with a English lab where they hone their skills in the language and gain more confidence when it comes to pitching ideas and business models. Our college has good relations with various companies and we always keep the line open for students to inquire in the future. 

Master of Computer Application

This post-graduate programme is a specially crafted field where graduates can expand their horizons in computer science. The course emphasizes the use of computers for solving problems in various industries.  We provide our students with the vital programming and language tools in order for them to design and develop their skills in computer applications. 

Why choose Al-Ameer?

Since we first opened our doors to promising students, we have always stuck to our goal of giving more young people access to quality education. We believe that it is vital that more of them learn and equip themselves with knowledge so that they can move forward in their future careers. 

We see that opportunities are out there and not everyone gets the chance to take them. Al-Ameer is dedicated to opening those doors to promising students of different backgrounds and ages. Choosing a quality education shouldn’t come at the expense of the basic standards of living. 

We have generous scholarships for interested applicants who have great records in both academics and conduct. Our scholars are one of our best performers in both academics and national exams. If you are interested in learning more about what we can offer you, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to listen. 

Some of our flagship courses have a highly selective admission process. Once applications have been submitted and reviewed, we will ask you to clear a date for an interview. We may ask for more documents than what we have initially requested. If you have received your acceptance letter but haven’t heard from us about an interview, kindly contact our staff right away. 

Our facilities and alumni page are found on this website. If you wish to learn more about where our graduates are today, you may give us a call or email us your request and we will attend to requests shortly. 

Kindly note that scholarships are reserved for the most deserving of students. We will try our best to accommodate as many students as we can. We offer sponsorships and financial aid to those who need special assistance. Please let us know upon your interview and we will do what we can to address the situation. 

For more information about our college, you may visit our homepage or get in touch with us through our hotline. Applicants who fail to confirm their acceptance may be subject to review again. Appeals are also accepted but are not guaranteed admission. Should you wish to reschedule your interview, let us know ahead of time.