Alameer: Engineering ethics you should know about

Alameer: Engineering ethics you should know about

Engineers are crucial in society because they create and innovate existing technologies as well as develop new ones for industries and individuals to benefit from. This profession entails a lot of responsibility which is guided by ethical principles to secure the safety of both practitioners and the community they serve. 

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The guiding principles

Different ethical principles are depending on the engineering field you choose but they all have a common goal: to serve the community for the better. Here are some of the guiding principles you need to know and follow for your career to prosper: 

Hold the safety, health and welfare of the public above anything

This noble profession isn’t only about solving equations and creating innovative solutions to advance your career. You’ll also have responsibility for the public you serve. Whatever you bring to the table should always be for the benefit of the people no matter what. 

You hold society at the palm of your hand. Being in this profession puts you in a position of responsibility guided by safety standards. When you think that the decisions you and your colleagues make compromises the welfare of the public, it is your duty to inform the people of the situation. 

Moreover, as a bearer of innovation, you should always keep your name away from fraudulent and misleading associations and business ventures. Never let these dishonest enterprises drag your name into oblivion with their practices. 

Perform services within the range of your expertise

There are different types of engineering degrees you can earn. It is up to you whether to become a civil, chemical, mechanical or electrical engineer among other jobs in this profession. 

However, you should always perform services that are within the range of your expertise. Pretending to know things about a field you have no experience over is unethical and downright misleading. Only assume responsibilities that you have the confidence to do. Always remember that you hold the safety and security of the public on your shoulders. 

Always be in pursuit of the truth

It is your responsibility to uphold truth in everything you do. You should always be objective and truthful in carrying out your duties both in corporate and public works. Always include relevant information in reports, statements, and testimonies that would help both the public and future engineers that would eventually take your place in the years to come. 

Moreover, it is right not to express opinions about technical matters in your field paid for by a sponsor or a stakeholder. Your expertise cannot be quantified by money and should never be compromised by such actions. Be bold in seeking and advocating for the truth for the greater good of the public you serve.

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