” The fully automated library (Bar Code Maintained) houses a comprehensive collection of over 12,000 volumes, covering the entire range of engineering and various other disciplines. The College also subscribes to several reputed national and international journals pertaining to the prescribed curricula as well as general technology related areas. And also contains previous test papers, records submitted by the earlier batch students. ”

” The various well equipped laboratories in the College that gives full availability and comfort to the student. These laboratories are inter-connected and also loaded with V-SAT internet facility. Departments feature advanced facilities on par with those in the premier institutions in country. The CSE Department Lab in the College is having 130 terminals and IT Department Lab is having 60 terminals along with the highly configured Servers which supports all transactions like maintaining central Database and to conduct ONLINE exams etc.. ”

” Simulation Lab is containing 40 terminal systems along with 24 hours uninterrupted power supply.  These terminals are highly configured and recently they configured with latest Graphic Cards to support CAD/CAM labs. ”

Al-Ameer College of Engineering and IT: Infrastructure

One of the most important factors in running an institution for higher education is infrastructure. We at Al-Ameer College of Engineering and IT aim to provide our promising students with the best possible infrastructure in the region. Our wide range of labs, classrooms, and libraries are always well-maintained. We believe that with every batch we welcome to our campus, they are met with high-quality facilities that are conducive to their pursuit of knowledge. 

We also understand that it is one of the main driving factors in college selections among high school students. Choosing the right college or university is an important step that should be made with careful thought. We believe that what we offer to our students is on par with other esteemed colleges in the region. 

It plays a vital role in the overall success of our college which is why we make the extra effort to update them as much as we can. Advanced labs and tools are present and kept in good shape for incoming batches to enjoy using. 

A lot of our students are taking up our flagship courses and the capacity of our labs and computers need to be modified to meet their needs. We always make sure that all of our rooms and halls meet the standards of safety in the city and the region. 

Our libraries

Students need spaces to work and study when they see fit. They deserve easy access to comfy and conducive facilities and it’s a good thing that our libraries give them just that. We house a wide collection of resources for students to use for their core subjects. All of the books we keep in our collection are under a bar code system. 

The libraries are maintained by a group of hardworking staff members. Students can get their library cards from the front desk. There are certain rules when it comes to borrowing any of our resources from the library. They are as follows:

  • Only students, teachers, or staff members with registered library cards are allowed to borrow our books and materials. 
  • Upon registration, you will need to show us your certificate of admission or any proof that you are currently enrolled in our college. Students who fail to show proof for the current semester are not allowed to renew their library cards, however, our facilities are open to them. 
  • Employees must surrender their IDs if they wish to borrow equipment from our collection. 
  • Students are not allowed to register for a library card on behalf of their peers. Only the sole person who desires to get one must register. 
  • Previous test paper samples are available in our collection. We do not accept test paper samples that have not been given to students. All test paper samples that teachers or alumni wish to submit for reference purposes must be signed by the Dean of their respective department. 
  • We have a wide resource collection that should only be borrowed within the premises of the facility. They are not to be taken outside the campus. Students who wish to borrow them must surrender their IDs and library card to the front desk. 

Overdue fees can be charged to the overall tuition of the student. They must be paid before graduation. Any lost or damaged books and resources are to be replaced by the student. 

Our labs

Students under our flagship courses are required to undergo extensive hours of lab work. This is why we make efforts to meet their needs when they need to use our lab and tools. We make sure they are clean, comfy, and on par with labs found in the most esteemed institutions in the country. 

Our computer labs are powered by powerful processors that students can make use for their classes. Each wing has access to high-speed internet. Tools for experiments are always sanitized for everyone’s safety. Kindly take note that to ensure everyone’s security within the premises of the facility, we have rules and regulations put in place:

  • Students who wish to use our labs outside of their class horse are required to surrender their IDs upon arrival. Strictly no eating or drinking inside any of our labs, especially near the computers. 
  • We ask that everyone refrain from playing video games in our facility. Please respect the efforts our staff members make to provide you with the vital tools to work.
  • Any sort of hacking or illegal activity conducted with any of our computers is strictly prohibited. Students who violate this rule may be subject to suspension or withdrawal from our college. Cases may be appealed and reviewed by the board of directors. 
  • While we give students access to high-speed internet for free, we ask that any website that is not conducive is to be refrained from being used with our computers. Our tools in the labs are meant for work and not play. 
  • Our biotechnology and pharmacy labs are only open to students under these programmes. Visitors are not allowed to visit without the permission and supervision of the person in charge. This is to make sure that accidents will not happen. 
  • The use of strong chemicals can only be requested upon the approval of your professor. There should be a valid reason for students who want to use our labs for experiments. Any activity that is not related to coursework is strictly prohibited. 
  • Anyone who uses our tools or computers in any of our labs is expected to clean up after every use. 

Our classrooms and lecture halls

Every student deserves to sit through their class hours in comfort. Our classrooms and lecture halls are designed to give the ideal learning setting for both students and teachers. All of them are equipped with projectors and computers for audio and visual aid. 

Presentation screens are built-in and tools are kept in a drawer. Teachers are given keys and are free to use them during class. Students may borrow them under the approval and supervision of a teacher or staff member. 

Each table has a power socket installed either underneath or to the side for the convenience of students who bring their laptops to class. Lecture boards come with a sliding chalkboard and whiteboard. 

Please take note of the following rules below:

  • Projectors must be switched off when not in use. Please make sure they are not left running to avoid any overheating. 
  • Presentation pointers should be placed back in the drawers. Any missing tools will be reviewed and replaced by the class who last used them. 
  • Strictly no eating inside any of our classrooms or lecture halls. 
  • Students are allowed to stay inside the classroom after class hours but must lock them after use. Teachers should be aware that students are using the classroom. All tables and chairs must be put back to place for the next class to use. 

Sports, gym, and fields

Al-Ameer supports the students in their hobbies. Our fields are always well-maintained for sports teams to enjoy. We have nets, equipment, and proper lighting fit to work under any weather condition. Showers and locker rooms are located near the field and gym for easy access. 

Our college regularly hosts games alongside other nearby colleges. Our sports teams play against others and the events are usually one of the most anticipated in our calendar of activities. Water stations for hydration are located within every corner of the field. We have a purifying system for clean water. 

How to get to us

We have bus operations for students and teachers to use. Terminals and stops are located within every major avenue in the city for easy transportation. Scholars can opt to have their bus fares reimbursed depending on the type of grant they receive upon admission. Bus pass promos can be bought per semester or per annum. 

Are you interested in joining our student body?

Admissions are open throughout the year and special exams may be taken upon request. Please visit our homepage to access our admissions portal. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you. 

Applications for scholarships are available on our website. Financial aid may be granted for special cases. Our board of directors carefully review each application to make sure that the most deserving of students are accounted for. 

If you are interested in visiting our campus to see what we have in store for future students, please let us know in advance and we will book a tour for you. Please note that slots may change without prior notice and in case they are all fully booked, we can reschedule for you. 

Tours are subject to weather conditions and the approval of our board. We will coordinate with them once your request has been made. If you have any concerns, we will be happy to attend to them through our hotline or email.