We wish to introduce our self as the promoters of Al-Ameer college of Engineering and Information Technology established in 2001, with a view to provide quality technical education to budding civilian. The institution is affiliated to the JNTU- K and is approved by AICTE, New Delhi.

When we have finest and the most sincere minds working for us, education loses its intimidating complexity and becomes a tool to be mastered. When our people gather the reins of destiny in their own capable hands, they become purveyors of progress

Al-Ameer is vitalizing itself, to face the challenging technology with eminent team of faculty. They help to produce high by efficient and notorious professionals who can meet the demands of the future and excel in their profession through innovative ideas, knowledge and team work.

We place major emphasis on continuous improvement of our people not only in their academic parts but also in their leadership traits so that they are geared to deliver sustained values to their employers when they are placed after their successful completion of the courses

It gives me great pleasure, that the college has come a long way from its inception batch in 2001, in providing not only technical knowledge, but also the overall development of the budding stars of future India.

I invite you to visit our magnificent campus, inspect our state-of-the art facilities, meet and discuss with students and faculty and discover for yourself why so many bright students have made Al-Ameer their choice!

Sri Vaziruddin Ahmed Siddiqui – President

am pleased to introduce you to our institution and explore the ways we connect students to a world of possibilities.

Al-Ameer aims at becoming a front runner in developing teaching and learning methods that reflect best practice in educating young minds, aspiring to make a success in the corporate world. Members of our faculty are known for their energy and erudition, academic achievements and teaching abilities and devotion to duty.

All technical, IT, medical and pharma colleges under the AQJ Educational Trust are the product of a vision, of a dream of Excellence in affordable Education. Our colleges are given only the best of infrastructure and Al-Ameer College of Engineering and IT is a most integrated multidisciplinary institution providing a wide and varied arena for the staff and student communities to showcase their academic and extracurricular talents.

Sri H.A.Jafri – Treasurer

Welcome to the Al-Ameer College of Engineering and Information Technology. We are all familiar with the saying that “Where there is a will, there is a way” and an individual with a strong will, will succeed.

As you pursue your studies, please remember that a college education is not entirely academic. It extends beyond the classrooms, laboratories and workshops to campus organizations, seminars and meetings, cultural and social activities and athletic events. I hope that you will become involved in Al-Ameer campus life and that you will also make some commitment to serving your community. Besides being a cause for campus and community development, the effort can be educationally rewarding and personally fulfilling.

Over the years we have witnessed spectacular rise on every educational parameter. With this fast growing and changing environment in mind we are grooming ourselves and rapidly moving on a path of excellence, to response to the ever increasing demands of the society and nation. 

Finally, I hope that you will take pride in your college. Members of our faculty are known for their energy and erudition, academic achievements and teaching abilities and devotion to duty. Our standards are challenging and we are dedicating to helping you meet those standards. We will judge our success as an institution by how well you succeed in realizing your potential as a student and in your later professional career. We aim to do our best and require your cooperation to make this educational organization reach its targeted mission.

Sri Iqbal Hussain Farooqui – Secretary

Students are encouraged to build character through sports and other physical and spiritual development activities like Yoga and also given ample opportunities to hone their talents in cultural fields like dance and music. We believe in the complete development of our students and encourage them by providing the best of incentives and infrastructure. Students are expected to broaden their horizons academically too, and the the pursuit of knowledge over and above the prescribed syllabus is a given. Our staff are adequately equipped to guide students in the right direction in all fields of study and co-curricular activities too.

Our students are protected from external disturbances, thus ensuring that they get the maximum advantage of the best time in their lives to study and evolve. Parents too play an important role by helping us help them and we expect their full co-operation in bringing about a change for the better. The best possible atmosphere for academic growth is provided for the benefit of both the students and the parents who have placed their trust in us

I am proud to say that once our students step in, they step out with the self-confidence and knowledge to face all endeavors with complete savvy. We prepare them for that!

Sri J.A.Qureshi – Joint Secretary