Alameer: Tips to figure out if engineering is for you

Engineering is one of the prominent courses and jobs in the world. It takes years of hard work and patience to overcome anything that’ll come your way. We understand that deciding right now is a challenge for you. 

Alameer has compiled a list of things that might help you narrow down your options and decide if Engineering is the right course for you.  

Ask yourself

No one knows the right answer aside from you. One way to figure out if engineering is for you is to reassess your skills and motivation if you fit for the right course. Just like any other job in the world, Engineering can be taxing too and if you’re not up for the challenge then you might find it demanding rather than fulfilling. 

There are certain qualities that you need to possess and must develop early on if you’re going to pursue this path. One of the early signs is that you should be good at math. You don’t have to be extremely good at it, as long as you are fond of solving problems and equations you can work on that. 

Have a curious mind 

If you’re displaying signs of being interested in how things around you work and you’re curious enough to understand them then you might consider this option. However, this isn’t dependent solely on just being curious. 

There should be a consistent driving force that keeps you going from learning the nature of things and how they function the way it’s designed. You should be able to distinguish if it’s merely a one-time thing of being fascinated or you’re really into this field. 

Talk to experts

This will help you broaden your perspective about Engineering. It’s a good advantage if you can talk to someone that works in a similar field you’re eyeing so you can get a grasp of how they work and what makes them stay. 

Ask them questions related to work as an ice breaker. Once they start opening up about their work, you’ll eventually feel their passion and enthusiasm for their current job. Keep an open mind all the time. It’ll help you weigh your options and finally come up with the right decision. 

Be involved

The closest way for you to figure out if Engineering is right for you is to get involved with it. You don’t have to assemble and fix parts of a spaceship or anything to experience the real work. Start from the basics such as solving coding problems or learning algorithms. 

Watch a lecture that involves a discussion about physics or technology and see if you’re enjoying it. You’ll know it’s the right choice for you if you feel fulfilled despite the hard times you went through. 

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