Al-Ameer career opportunities: Top engineering professions

It takes years of hard work and studying to become an engineer. Professionals in this field solve real-world problems and are involved in creating the most fascinating things in the realm of electronics, medicine, transportation, energy, and various other scientific breakthroughs of humanity. 

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in engineering, Al-Ameer College of Engineering and IT is the perfect place for you! Our prestigious university offers various courses that can give you opportunities to expand your knowledge and enhance your skills. 

Enrol in our institution and have the chance to land the top engineering jobs in the world including: 

  1. Mechanical engineer

Finishing a degree in engineering can help expand your career in this professional field. Being a mechanical engineer gives you the opportunity to be involved in a handful of relevant work in fields ranging from manufacturing to nanotechnology. 

Having an inquisitive mind in exploring the way things work is a mark of a true mechanical engineer. If you are enthusiastic about solving challenging problems, this profession is suitable for you. 

  1. Petroleum engineer

The oil industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and a profession in the field provides you with a salary that’s beyond generous. Because of the world’s demand for oil, petroleum engineers are tasked with creating the design for the equipment used in extraction. Since petroleum is located deep within the reservoirs, it’s up to these engineers to hatch a plan on how to extract oil in the safest, most efficient, and highly cost-effective way possible. 

It isn’t an easy task to do because you’ll have to draft plans from personally researched data in order to create the design. However, being an engineer means you have the brains to make this happen. 

  1. Civil engineer

Have you ever wondered why the tallest skyscrapers stand so still despite natural occurrences happening in the environment? That’s because civil engineers designed the buildings to withstand enormous pressure from the environment. Not only are civil engineers influential in building designs, but they are also responsible for the roads and bridges people use every day. 

Civil engineering is one of the largest sectors in the field and it dates back centuries of development. There are various specialties that can open up its doors for you as a civil engineer. Moreover, it’s also a high paying job that can earn you a lot of accolades as the years go by. 

  1. Biomedical engineer

If you’re into research and design, biomedicine may be the industry for you. This profession gives you the opportunity to save lives and change the world because you develop solutions involving biological and medical problems. 

Becoming a biomedical engineer gives you a chance to explore the medical field further than doctors and researchers. The profession offers you an insight into the world around you through the lenses of science. A biomedical engineer creates scientific breakthroughs that matter most in the world. It isn’t as high paying as other engineering professions but it does give you immense fulfilment in your work.

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